Affordable Housing

LiveOn NY is committed to advocating for affordable and age-friendly senior housing with services in the community. We believe that seniors are invaluable to their communities and deserve the opportunity to age with vitality, grace, and dignity.  Through our advocacy efforts, we believe that the opportunity to make New York a better place to age is unmatched, despite the increasing economic and demographic challenges.


Visions for An Age Friendly Community

Throughout the city, numerous rezonings are taking place that will shape the New York City of the future. We believe that it is important for the senior perspective to be heard during these discussions. It is our hope that features of an age-friendly community will be thoughtfully implemented during every community planning process.

Use the links below to start the discussion with seniors during a rezoning in your neighborhood!

Visions for an Age-Friendly Jerome Avenue

Visions for an Age-Friendly Bay Street Corridor

Member Spotlight

We were honored to attend the groundbreaking of HANAC's new construction project, the Corona Senior Residence. This is an exciting step on the road to 68 new units of senior affordable housing in New York City. Located in Corona, Queens, the housing is one of the first to be built to the Passive House Design standard and is to include public space to benefit the entire community!


Housing Reports

In an effort to better understand the affordable housing needs in New York City, we have produced numerous reports that highlight both the dire need and the true opportunity that currently exists.

LiveOn NY will continue to tell the story of the role affordable housing plays in the wellbeing of seniors throughout New York.

Through the Roof: Waitlists for Senior Housing, 2016

Paving the Way for New Senior Housing, 2015

Building a Housing Agenda for Older New Yorkers, 2014

The Aging Tsunami: An Age Equality Agenda, 2013


The LiveOn NY Policy Team works hard to remain abreast of all policy changes that could effect the stock of affordable housing in New York City.

In 2016, this meant participating in discussions surrounding Zoning for Quality and Affordability, proposed alterations to the Section 8 voucher program, and a newly created city senior housing capital fund, to name a few. We will continue to advocate for sensible measures that can be taken to both produce and preserve affordable housing that is desperately needed in this city.

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