LiveOn NY Senior Activator Corps

The LiveOn NY Senior Activator Corps is a relatively new initiative launched in 2012.  The goal of this program is to develop a cadre of trained senior activists, across the city, passionate about advocating for senior services on the city, state and federal levels. Since the program’s inception, LiveOn NY has recruited and trained 31 senior leaders.  Upon completion of the advocacy training, the volunteers were a strong voice in their communities.  They disseminated advocacy literature, collected signatures on petitions and joined us at press conferences, rallies and hearings.  They also participated in various advocacy campaigns. 

The goals of the LiveOn NY Activator Corps are 

  • Educating older adults on policy issues which affect their lives
  • Empowering and engaging seniors in advocacy
  • Creating a cadre of advocates who will provide leadership in designated senior centers, to engage other seniors
  • Increasing visibility of LiveOn NY throughout the general senior population

Email Andrea Cianfrani at or call her at 212.398.6565 x233 to find out about the next class of Senior Activators.