Liveon NY can help enhance the services you provide for seniors

Older adults shouldn't have to choose between food and other living expenses. LiveOn NY's Benefits Outreach Center is offering screening and application assistance for first time applicants, re-certifications, as well as questions.

With strained budgets and small staffs, we know it can be challenging to navigate the benefits process with seniors, but we can help.  Our outreach team consists of a team of ReServists (retired professionals) working across all five boroughs of NYC in senior centers, NORCs, libraries, and anywhere we can find our population to serve.  The outreach specialists promote the benefits and talk honestly with their peers about the reasons and ways to apply.  They are trained to overcome objections and anticipate barriers specific to seniors in the application process.  

To get benefits assistance at your site please contact Jennifer Brown, Outreach Manager at, or 212.398.6565 x221.


New York Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

The New York Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is part of a nationwide, grassroots education and assistance program working to empower seniors and caregivers to protect personal information and Medicare benefits by learning to detect mistakes or potential fraud in Medicare payments. You can report suspected problems to SMP. Our staff and trained volunteers work to correct errors and report abuse of the Medicare system to government authorities.   The New York SMP can give you materials and provide presentations to the seniors you serve contact the SMP hotline at 1-877-678-4697 for more information.