LiveOn NY Center on Professional Development in Aging is on a mission to strengthen the aging service workforce and delivery of aging services in New York through quality education/training opportunities and technical assistance. The Center is comprised of two avenues; LiveOn NY Academy and Capacity Building Technical Assistance. The avenues are set out to provide professionals in the field of aging opportunities to build skills, increase knowledge, network and expand their career in the field of aging. LMSW and LCSW also have the opportunity to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits in offered trainings.

LiveOn NY Academy

Offers relevant and timely education and training opportunities that consist of…

Creating a Practical “Learning Lab” Environment

LiveOn NY strives to create a “Learning Lab” environment where staff can explore learning through practice by integrating theoretical knowledge and problem-solving activities that will engage them in hands-on learning experiences.

Providing research driven but practice focused Tools & Tips

LiveOn NY trainings provide professionals with simple, easy-to-use templates, guides, research, and tips to enhance the learning experience and support implementation in the real world. Professionals can use these tools & tips to analyze current issues, implement new ideas, and actively shape the services they provide. 

Developing meaning and self-awareness in work

LiveOn NY believes practicing the skill of self-awareness and finding meaning in their line of work is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of aging services. Trainings include helping professionals stop and reflect on their inner feelings and behavioral responses while also equipping them with content to further understand the purpose and significance of their work.

Capacity Building Technical Assistance

LiveOn NY provides free customized capacity building assistance to community based aging service providers to enhance their ability to deliver quality programs and services to meet the evolving needs of older New Yorkers. Assistance is customized to meet specific needs, and is delivered by qualified professionals. All TA includes a tailored response to the specific need and ensures a plan of action is developed to get the agency to where it needs to be.

If you are interested in more information about any of our training, or having LiveOn NY train your staff, please reach out to Stephanie Ruiz at