Eligibility and Enrollment

Are you Eligible?

  1. All LiveOn NY members who are up to date with their dues can join The Marketplace. There is no fee to join.

    1. Not a member but interested in becoming one? Click here.

  2. All of the programs within an agency can enroll in The Marketplace. Agencies should enroll ALL programs when they join, it makes life easier.

Two Easy Steps to Enrolling in The Marketplace

  1. Complete the Participation Agreement & Additional Facilities Form- click here to download.

  2. Once the documents are signed submit forms to David Beck, by emailing him at dbeck@nthrive.com. To contact David by phone, please call 651-398-3498.

The process to obtain a facility number is about 4-6 weeks but if you need it immediately please mention that in your email when you submit the contract.

Letter of Commitment or Letter of Designation 

Some vendors require individual LOC (Letter of Commitment) or LOD (Letter of Designation) in order for an organization to purchase from them. This does NOT bind you to just this vendor – it is simply to enroll the organization in their system as a MedAssets contact. The vendor will provide these letters.

The vendor will request these letters, please contact David Beck at 651-398-3498 or by email at dbeck@nthrive.com. He will provide via fax or email the appropriate the Letter of Commitment or Letter of Designation for the vendor and request that you sign and email back to her and the vendor contact.