Off the Fiscal cliff campaign

We need your support in advocating for our two policy recommendations!

1) Continued outreach efforts to spread awareness about the NY Rent Freeze Program

2) A policy change within the NY Rent Freeze Program so that rental costs are capped at 1/3 of a senior's income and for those already enrolled - a rollback to the 1/3 level.

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Why Sign On?

LiveOn NY works closely with key partners including the NYC Department of Finance, Department for the Aging & Human Resource Administration to make sure each eligible older person is aware of the NY Rent Freeze Program. The public-private partnerships that are addressing under-enrollment in the program are a critical way to spread the awareness. We want to ensure these efforts continue and expand outreach, as we know that seniors are overburdened in housing costs. Often paying more than 50% of their income on rent, whether they are enrolled in NY Rent Freeze (SCRIE/DRIE) or not.
Because the Rent Freeze Program is one of the key tools to preserve affordable seniors housing AND allows older adults' to remain at home as they age - we must ensure that NYC improve its policies to help seniors off the fiscal cliff.

Who we are targeting: New York City and State Elected Officials, Policymakers and other key stakeholders

More Facts about the issue:

  • 200,000 older New Yorkers are on waiting lists for affordable senior housing, for an average of 7 years
  • 4 out of 10 seniors report not knowing about NY Rent Freeze
  • Too many seniors find out about their eligibility during an affordability crisis
  • Almost 60% of seniors who are enrolled in SCRIE continue to experience heavy rent burden, with average annual incomes between $11,000 and $12,000. They find out about the benefit too late and cannot have the benefit “rolled-back” to an affordable level.
  • NYC must rollback and cap rents at 1/3 of household income to help seniors off the fiscal cliff.


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