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The Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption "SCRIE", now known as the New York Rent Freeze program, freezes rents for seniors who are over the age of 62, living in rent-regulated apartments, and paying more than one-third of their income on rent. It is a unique tool to help reduce housing insecurity for some of our city's most vulnerable residents. However, low utilization rates for the program and high rent burdens for many seniors enrolled in SCRIE present problems, both for the senior households and the greater community.

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Report: Reducing Rent Burden for Elderly New Yorkers

In 2015 LiveOn NY and Enterprise Community Partners released a report highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of SCRIE in its current form. To improve the program, the report includes two policy recommendations and possible next steps. 

Infographs: Off the Fiscal Cliff

Following a study of over 2,800 seniors, LiveOn NY created 2 infographs to highlight the effects that rent burden has on seniors, as well as to promote the policy recommendations determined in the 2015 Reducing Rent Burden for Elderly New Yorkers report.

SCRIE Is Vastly Underutilized

Only an estimated 43% of eligible seniors are enrolled in SCRIE. The map (left) highlights the citywide under-utilization of SCRIE, which is one reason why LiveOn NY recommends that NYC implement a robust outreach campaign to spread awareness and increase utilization. To learn more or determine the under-utilization rate of your neighborhood, check out our report or the link below.

Are you a senior looking to enroll in SCRIE?

The LiveOn NY Benefits Outreach Center is offering screening and application assistance for first time applicants, re-certifications, as well as questions. Not only can our outreach team help determine your eligibility for SCRIE, but we will work with you to determine if you are eligible for programs such as  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP - the new name for Food Stamps), Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program & Low Income Subsidy, and the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).

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