New York Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

The New York Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is part of a nationwide education and assistance program working to empower seniors and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud and waste. You can report suspected problems to SMP. Our staff and trained volunteers work to correct errors and report abuse of the Medicare system to government authorities.

The NY Senior Medicare Patrol advises you to Protect, Detect, and Report...

Protect your personal information to shield yourself from identity theft and financial scams. Guard your Medicare card and Social Security card just like your checkbook and credit cards. Don’t carry them with you unless you expect to need them that day. Identity theft can lead to Medicare fraud. 

Detect mistakes or potential fraud in Medicare payments by tracking your medical services in a Personal Health Care Journal and look for:

  • Something billed twice
  • A service you did not receive
  • A medical provider you didn’t see or wasn’t involved in your care

Most Medicare audits are done after payment is made to the medical provider. By reading your Medicare Summary Notice you are in the best position to identify and report errors early. Click her for more information about reading your Medicare Summary Notice.

Report by asking your doctor, clinic or hospital to explain the Medicare payment showing on your Medicare Summary Notice. Don’t be shy to ask; you pay for your Medicare coverage and you want the payments to be right! If you aren’t satisfied with the assistance you receive, contact the SMP hotline at 1-877-678-4697.