Using The Marketplace

We have changed our process for obtaining quotes/bids for items you want to purchase through The Marketplace in order to make your life easier. Our MedAssets contact, Madelyn Kiefer will collect all necessary information from you and then work directly with the vendors to provide you with the bids. (If you need them, multiple bids can be supplied to satisfy DFTA's multiple bid requirement).


How  To Purchase Items

  1. Click here to submit a request for a bid or quote
  2. Your request will be emailed to Madelyn Kiefer at MedAssets
  3. Madelyn will contact you directly by email to follow up with you on your request
  4. Madelyn will collect the necessary quotes from the MedAssets vendors and email those quotes/bids directly to you.  Please note that she will need 3-5 business days to complete the request