LiveOn NY is the voice for seniors and the aging services network when policy decisions are being made and coordinates and mobilizes action when those decisions impact older adults.  Fundamental to LiveOn NY’s advocacy strategy is an understanding of the political, budgetary and economic climate of city and state governments, and building collaborative relationships with other organizations.  LiveOn NY is also seen as a primary resource for city and state government legislators and agencies to both provide input on policy and information regarding the older adult community as well as to disseminate important information to the aging network.  

The voice for older New Yorkers

LiveOn NY voices many of the issues that older New Yorkers face - everyday. We work both behinds the scenes and on the steps of City Hall to make sure that seniors are considered in policies and programs. We are proud to represent the voice of older New Yorkers.

Mobilizing Support 

We work with over 200 separate non-profit, for-profit and government partners. We coordinate efforts, lead advocacy and run annual campaigns to get the word out. Here at LiveOn NY we are proud to mobilize support for aging people, caregivers and senior services. 

Coalition Building

At LiveOn NY, we have over 6 interdisciplinary coalitions that coordinate to inform our policies and advocacy, testify at public hearings and to serve as clearinghouses for best practices. We make sure that everything we do is in coalition with the right groups.

Real World Research

LiveOn NY partners with numerous academic groups to bridge research and the real world.   Click here to see all of our reports.