Get Involved

Civic engagement is a key facet of what it means to be a New Yorker. The resources below are ways that you can join us in making New York a better place to age.


Participate in a LiveOn NY Advocacy Campaign

Be on the front lines of senior advocacy by participating in a LiveOn NY advocacy campaign. We make opportunities available to support the senior service sector, whether through one of our letter writing campaigns, phone campaigns or a rally at City Hall. Many of the opportunities arise in the Spring, when the budget process is in full swing.

To get excited about the momentum that comes from raising our voices, read about our 2017 campaign, which resulted in an increase of $22.9 million for the Department for the Aging in the city's budget.

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Find My Representatives

Input your Address to determine your representatives! Be sure to click each the City, State, and Federal tabs to determine your representative on each level of government. You may also want to look up who represents your senior center or other program, as this may vary.

Testify to City Council

New York City City Council holds hearings each month on a variety of issues that effect older New Yorkers. The public is welcome to attend these hearings and listen to the topic being discussed or to weigh in by testifying. The Committee on Aging consistently focuses on the needs of New York's seniors, though the decisions made in other committees may also effect the senior population.

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Click here to view the schedule of upcoming hearings!

Share Your Voice on Social Media

Whether creating your own message around an issue important to you or sharing the messages crafted by LiveOn NY, social media platforms offer a unique way to make your voice heard. Be sure to follow LiveOn NY on Facebook and Twitter to learn about and "share" or "retweet" our advocacy efforts to make NY a better place to age!

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