Affordable Housing Advocacy

LiveOn NY is committed to advocating for affordable and age-friendly senior housing with services in the community. We believe that seniors are invaluable to their communities and deserve the opportunity to age with vitality, grace, and dignity. Through our advocacy efforts, we believe that the opportunity to make New York a better place to age is unmatched, despite the increasing economic and demographic challenges.

We encourage you to join us in supporting New York's seniors through our numerous advocacy efforts!

The Right to Counsel

Intro 214-A, a bill known as the Right to Counsel, would make it a right for low-income tenants, of any age, to receive a lawyer in housing court. LiveOn NY has been a member of the coalition supporting this historic bill for over three years, and continues to work to see it signed into law.

Affordable Senior Housing

New York is desperately in need of more affordable housing, especially the construction of affordable senior housing with services. Our advocacy focuses on initiatives to preserve affordable housing and supporting programs and projects that would expand this important resource.

SCRIE: NY Rent Freeze

Too many older New Yorkers live with extreme rent burden, paying more than 50% of their income on rent. The Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption "SCRIE", now known as New York Rent Freeze, freezes rent for seniors at its current level. We believe that more can be done.


Affordable Senior Housing Coalition

We are honored to convene a Coalition of Affordable Housing Non-Profits whose focus is on developing and maintaining housing for seniors throughout New York City. The link below highlights the members involved in this Coalition.

Organizations in the Coalition


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