ALERT: Advocacy for $177 million for Aging Services

LiveOn NY’s State Legislative Conference Launches Statewide Advocacy Campaign To Fund And Modernize Aging Services!

$177 Million Multi-Year Package To Fund Services And Strengthen The Aging Services Workforce


  • On February 1st, seventy five people from across NY state attended LiveOn NY’s conference. The multi-year $177 million budget agenda was discussed.
  • Discussions about strengthening the aging services workforce, NY Connects, CSE funding for waiting lists, elder abuse and caregiving and other issues were discussed.
  • Participants worked in small groups to discuss how these issues impacted their community and seniors they serve. They also brainstormed on ideas of how to do follow up locally.
  • On February 2nd, visits were made to Assembymembers and Senators, to discuss the budget agenda.


  • The state budget will be completed by March 31st. It is important to meet with your local Assemblymembers and Senators as soon as possible. You can arrange for a private meeting and/or invite them to a local senior center or some other community site to specifically discuss the $177 million agenda.
  • Click here to find contact information on your state Assemblymember.
  • Click here to find contact information on your state Senator.
  • At a senior center or other site, hold a budget forum with seniors asking questions about the budget agenda. They can choose 1-2 items to ask about. It’s more impactful to have seniors asking the questions.
  • There may be priorities within the agenda that particularly impact you community. You can focus on those issues. Please give the legislators a copy of the whole $177 million agenda.
  • Invite local press in to cover any meeting you have at a senior center or another public site. Take photos of the legislators and seniors to send to the press. Legislators could put the photos in their newsletter, website, Facebook, etc.
  • Have seniors, agency staff, and other community leaders make phone calls and send letters to your state Assemblymember(s) and Senator(s). You can put them in bulk in a large envelope and mail to the legislator’s Albany office. Model letters are included with this alert that you can print out. Go to the websites above to find contact information and mailing addresses for your legislators.

Model Letters

State Assembly letter - English
State Assembly letter - Spanish
State Assembly letter - Chinese
State Senate letter - English
State Senate letter - Spanish
State Senate letter - Chinese