LiveOn NY Strongly Opposes Federal Government Attacks on Older Adults in Need of Assistance

Date: August 19, 2019
Press Contacts:
Allison Nickerson, Executive Director ( | 212-398-6565 x. 224) or Katelyn Andrews, Director of Public Policy (  | 212-398-6565 x.244)


New York, NY – LiveOn NY unequivocally opposes the continued, systemic attacks on older adults in need of assistance, namely low-income seniors, immigrants, communities of color and other marginalized populations. 

We remain resolved in our continued efforts to advocate for policies that will safeguard against hunger, ensure housing, promote health and address economic inequality. 

LiveOn NY will in no way be deterred by the Federal government’s most recent attacks, specifically the institution of the Public Charge rule, which threatens older immigrants’ ability to receive assistance in the face of hunger and housing instability; and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) proposal, which, if actualized, would undercut the ability for seniors with limited income to afford food.

LiveOn NY also looks forward to continuing to work with our locally elected officials to curb the effects of these policies and we thank all who stand as allies to our communities during this time.

In the face of these attacks, we must continue to strengthen our support for the human services organizations working to serve the very populations these proposals seek to harm – from senior centers to home-delivered meals providers we know that these community-based services are lifelines to so many older adults.

At LiveOn NY, we uphold that we all have the ability to continue to thrive, contribute, and find meaning in our later years, especially when afforded the basic tools necessary to do so. We are dismayed and disturbed to see the Federal government’s continued efforts to take these same tools away.

Neither the institution of the Public Charge rule nor the proposal to take SNAP away from more than 3 million Americans will break our resolve to making New York a better place to age and we encourage you to join us in doing so.


About LiveOn NY

At LiveOn NY, we believe that all people have a future. Our work is centered on making sure that New York is a great place to age. We do this through targeted advocacy, data-driven policy, direct assistance & innovative programs. As a membership organization, we represent 100 agencies from small, single-site centers to large multi-service organizations. Through our work and membership, we represent the 3.2 million older New Yorkers and their caregivers.